Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee


Number of positions: 17

Number of vacancies: 7

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Laurie Abounader, Regional Ombudsman

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Committee Volunteer Job Description

The Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee seeks to:

  • serve residents of long-term care facilities within the County
  • encourage community involvement with adult care homes (homes for the aged, family care homes and homes for developmentally disabled adults)
  • promote elder abuse awareness and maintain the intent of the Adult Care Home Residents Bill of Rights

The 17-member board is open to applicants from all areas of Cabarrus County. Legislation prohibits the appointment of members who are employed by an adult care home, have financial interest (directly or indirectly) in an adult care home or who have immediate family members in an adult care home within Cabarrus County.

Initial appointment is for a one-year term with successive appointments for three-year terms.


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