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Number of positions: 12

Number of vacancies: 0

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Donna Carpenter, President and CEO, Convention and Visitors Bureau

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As a destination marketing organization, the Cabarrus County Convention and Visitors Bureau is dedicated to promoting Cabarrus County as a visitor destination and enhancing the complete visitor experience. The bureau also represents and supports the interests of the local tourism industry and promotes public awareness of the importance of tourism.

The Tourism Authority Board of Directors sets forth the policy and strategic direction of the Bureau. The Board of Directors consists of community stakeholders who come together to guide the bureau in driving visitation to Cabarrus County to generate the maximum impact through hotel stays and visitor spending.

Board members are required to attend 75% of the meetings annually, be willing to serve actively on committees as well as attend the monthly meetings.

Membership on this 12-member authority is appointed as follows: 3 members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, including a commissioner/county manager appointee; 6 members are appointed based on the recommendations of the authority; and 3 members are appointed based on recommendations of the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Appointments are for three-year terms.

Meetings: 4th Wednesday of each month - 8:00 am. Location is announced.


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