Rob Wallace Park

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12900 Bethel School Road, Midland

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Call 704-920-3484 for the most accurate information about modifications to the Senior Centers and Parks operations due to COVID-19.

Shelters are available for reservations with groups of 50 or less.

Rob Wallace Park

Rob Wallace Park is a 143-acre gift of its natural habitat, with plans that phase the land into a modern and green space for outdoor enjoyment. Phase one of construction included a boardwalk, fishing pond, mountain and bike trails, playground and picnic areas and the park office. A substantial portion of the project’s estimated $6.7 million cost went toward acquisition of the uniquely suited land, with the remainder devoted to project planning, site work and amenities.

Future phases will include nature classrooms, additional play areas, piers and trails that incorporate the natural landscape - a great way to reuse nature and keep this treasured part of Cabarrus green.

An aerial adventure park is also under consideration for the park, which would allow visitors to zip around treetops and perform challenges through natural obstacles.

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