Wednesday December 23, 2020

Cabarrus celebrates employee longevity

Cabarrus County recently recognized the work and commitment of employees who reached service milestones in 2020 through a special virtual ceremony.

The group of 139 employees totaled 1,550 years of service to Cabarrus County residents.

The ceremony included remarks from County Manager Mike Downs and Board of Commissioners Chair Steve Morris. A presentation slideshow recognized employees who achieved 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service, and those who retired from the County over the past year. Special video tributes honored the achievements of employees with 30 or more years of service.

In his remarks, Commissioner Morris commended the group for their dedication.

“Amid a pandemic, you’ve found it within yourself to be present and carry out your very difficult work with enthusiasm,” he said. “Whether you sign in from your County office or from your kitchen table, you devote your skill and talents to our mission and the people we serve.”

The ceremony is available for viewing in multiple formats:

  • Watch on Cabarrus County’s YouTube channel at
  • View and share the video on Facebook and LinkedIn, @CabarrusCounty
  • Catch the broadcast on CabCoTV (Spectrum Cable channel 22) each day 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. through January 3.

Cabarrus County Service Award Honorees

45 years of service
Christine Barrier, NC Cooperative Extension

30 years of service

Perry Gabriel, Active Living and Parks

Jimmy Lentz, EMS

25 years

Kim Allred, EMS

James Bailey, Sheriff’s Office

David Burchett, Sheriff’s Office

Randall Foster, IAM

Michael Harris, Sheriff’s Office

Anthony Hodges, Human Services

Jason Miller, IAM

Kevin Pfister, Sheriff’s Office

Joseph Tierney, Sheriff’s Office

20 years

Celeste Beacham, Human Services

Daron Cardwell, ITS

John Eury, Library

Ashley Fisher, Sheriff’s Office

Brandon Foutz, EMS

Cindy Hall, Human Services

Wendy Holmes, Sheriff’s Office

Michael Martocchio, Sheriff’s Office

Kelly Sifford, Planning and Development

Angel Sloop, Human Services

Luke Szabo, Sheriff’s Office

Connie White, IAM

15 years

Daniel Adcock, Sheriff’s Office

Kim Bond, Sheriff’s Office

Robert Brown, IAM

DeShawna Christian, Human Services

Grady Christie, Sheriff’s Office

Jason Cook, ITS

Rene Dorton, Sheriff’s Office

Ashley Edwards, Sheriff’s Office

Tara Ferrell, Human Services

Matt Fisher, Sheriff’s Office

Josh Harless, Sheriff’s Office

Shawia Harris, Human Services

Jessica Hillie, Human Services

Darren Hinson, Sheriff’s Office

Lisa Hooper, Board of Elections

Marci Jones, ITS

Teresa Kiser, Active Living and Parks

Ashley Leopard, Human Services

Melissa Lilly, Register of Deeds

Christopher Mills, EMS

Julie Myers, Human Services

Lewis Peck, Sheriff’s Office

Eugene Roberts, Sheriff’s Office

Patricia Rogers, Tax Administration

Rachael Santiago, Sheriff’s Office

Jamie Smith, Human Services

Kimberley Speaks, Human Services

Claudette Tarte, Sheriff’s Office

Ashley Verble, Sheriff’s Office

Scott Zeman, Sheriff’s Office

10 years

Kelly Batalha, Human Services

Leonique Brown, Human Services

Melissa Buckholz, EMS

Matthew Carlson, Active Living and Parks

Justin Eudy, Tax Administration

Monty Eudy, IAM

Kimberly Fountain, Human Services

William Hamilton, Active Living and Parks

Cynthia Holloway, Human Services

Sarah Kinney, Sheriff’s Office

Mylene Laws, Human Services

Elaine Miller, Human Services

Jonathan Poole, Active Living and Parks

Aaron Rankin, Sheriff’s Office

Tommy Readling, Tax Administration

Kate Sharpe, County Fair

Gerald Williams, Sheriff’s Office

Daniel Wilson, Sheriff’s Office

5 years

Ashley Allen, Human Resources

Rachel Anderson, Human Services

Melchor Astudillo, EMS

Elizabeth Baltes, Library

Anna Barnhardt, Sheriff’s Office

Erin Beall, EMS

Theresa Clair, Finance

James Collins, IAM

Leslie Cooke, Human Services

Julian Cooper, Sheriff’s Office

Nicholas Cruz, EMS

Lori Cummings, Human Services

Katie Currin, EMS

Andrew Dextre, ITS

Lindsey Dorsett, Human Services

Jason Dry, Sheriff’s Office

Tiffany Eastman, Human Services

Robert Frasier, Sheriff’s Office

April Funderburke, Finance

Theresa Gause, IAM

Renee Goodnight, NC Cooperative Extension

Jim Haggerty, IAM

Randall Hargrove, Human Services

Alisha Harris, Board of Elections, Lauren Hill, NC Cooperative Extension

Jenny Hollis, Tax Administration

Chandler Hooks, Sheriff’s Office

Shannon Jackson, Sheriff’s Office

Tammy Jacobs, EMS

Rebekah Jarrell, Library

Laura Jolly, Library

Andrew Kelley, Sheriff’s Office

Lacy LaRock, Human Services

Ligia Larsen, Tax Administration

Catherine Lavoie, Human Services

Bryce Lowery, Jr., Planning and Development

Chelsea Lytal, Library

Autriece Marin, Human Services

Cecil McClenney, Sheriff’s Office

David McEachern, Planning and Development

Jenny Meeseree, Library

Steve Morehouse, Tax Administration

Rickey Moss, Sheriff’s Office

Miranda Murphy, Library

Candy Overcash, Library

Dana Pastores, Human Services

Josefina Perez, IAM

Beth Prymock, Human Services

Leslie Reimer, Tax Administration

Peticia Ritch, Finance

Mary Robinson, Human Services

Michelle Russ, Human Services

Matthew Saunders, ITS

Allison Shackelford, Sheriff’s Office

Nicole Shapiro, EMS

Van Shaw, Sheriff’s Office

T’halese Steen, Human Services

Jason Varner, ITS

Charlotte Windley, Sheriff’s Office

Katrina Wolford, Human Services

Elizabeth Womble, EMS


David Allred, Sheriff’s Office

Gerald Anderson, EMS

Daniel Barrier, Sheriff’s Office

David Baxter, Communications and Outreach

Brenda Beaufort, Sheriff’s Office

Angie Caldwell, Human Services

John Cooper, EMS

Joyce Dennis, Tax Administration

Susan Fearrington, Finance

Thomas Franklin, IAM

Deborah Helms, Board of Elections

Tammie Horton, IAM

Joseph Howell, Human Services

Ashley Johnson, Human Services

Dawn Josiah, Tax Administration

Priscilla McWaters, Active Living and Parks

Dana Mullis, Human Services

Stanley Parnell, Human Services

Lennie Rivera, Sheriff’s Office

Cathy Rucker, Human Services

Bobby Smith, Emergency Management

Jody Smith, Sheriff’s Office

Terry Starnes, Sheriff’s Office

Heather Starnes, Sheriff’s Office

Jason Thomas, Sheriff’s Office

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