Monday November 29, 2021

Cabarrus County Fire Marshal issues burning ban

County fire crews kept busy with acres of brush fires throughout the day Monday, and the Cabarrus County Fire Marshal’s Office has issued a ban that prohibits any open burning within 100 feet of a structure. Extremely dry weather conditions led to the ban, which is effective immediately, according to Cabarrus County Fire Marshal Jacob Thompson.

The ban will stay in effect until further notice. It coincides with the statewide ban that took effect today (November 29) at 5 p.m. and prohibits all open burning conducted more than 100 feet from a structure.

Any previously issued burning permits are now invalid and fires should be extinguished immediately. This includes any outdoor burning at a residence. Anyone in violation of the burning ban could receive a citation/fine. Officials also suspended issuing new burning permits.

Thompson said Cabarrus fire crews responded to two major brush fires during the day on Monday.

In one incident, between four and five acres burned from an unattended smoldering brush pile in the Rimer community. Crews responded from Rimer, Mount Pleasant, Northeast, Cold Water, Allen, Rockwell Rural and Mt. Mitchell fire departments, along with Cabarrus County Squad 410 and the North Carolina Forest Service. The N.C. Forest Service responded with a bulldozer and crews used it to cut a line to prevent the fire from spreading further, Thompson said.

In the other fire, between one and two acres was damaged after a burning brush pile spread in the Georgeville community. Georgeville, Midland and Allen fire departments responded, along with Cabarrus County Squad 410 and the N.C. Forest Service.

The open burning ban is authorized by the Fire Marshal’s Office per the N.C. State Building Code: Fire Prevention Code Section 307, and Chapter 34 of the Cabarrus County Fire Prevention and Protection Ordinance.

Open burning includes leaves, branches and other plant material, along with recreational fires, bonfires and outdoor fireplaces. The ban does not apply to cooking fires such as grills or outdoor cookers. In all cases, it is illegal to burn trash, lumber, tires, newspapers, plastics or other non-vegetative materials. Residents should be especially careful with any potential ignition sources, such as cigarettes or sparks from lawn equipment.

For more information, contact the Cabarrus County Fire Marshal's Office at 704-920-2143.

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