Tuesday November 19, 2019

Cabarrus Courthouse project advances with approval of schematic design

Resulting from several months of discussions among the County, builders and court personnel, the schematic design for the new Cabarrus County Courthouse was approved on Monday by the board of commissioners.

The schematic design includes the site plan, floor plans and elevations along with items like electrical, plumbing and “all the inner workings of the Courthouse and how all those operations go together,” said Cabarrus County Area Manager of Operations Kyle Bilafer.


Kyle Bilafer
Kyle Bilafer

The schematic designs are a more detailed interior look than the building renderings and general floor plans released to the public in recent months, Bilafer said.

As part of the collaboration over the past several months, Messer Construction built two, to-scale courtrooms at the County’s Infrastructure and Asset Management building in Concord. Court personnel attended and stationed in their normal work areas to check for things like line of sight, furniture distances and other concerns.

“We took all of the comments the end-users had on those courtrooms and were able to make small tweaks …,” Bilafer said.

County officials and representatives from Silling Architects presented the completed schematic design to commissioners during the pre-agenda work session on Nov. 4. Commissioners then placed the item on the consent agenda, which was approved during the regular meeting Nov. 19.

Bilafer said the schematic design has been handed off to Messer Construction. “Now as we move forward into the actual nitty-gritty of the design of the project … Messer will take each one of those drawings and drive at what that (guaranteed maximum price) will be,” Bilafer said.

The project is guided by three guaranteed maximum price (GMP) stages, including:

GMP 1, the site enabling portion which involves installing an extra elevator in the current courthouse and prepping the parking lot for the new construction. This portion is estimated at $6,722,116.

GMP 2, the actual construction of the new building, estimated at $88,221,926.

GMP 3 includes renovations to the current courthouse and is estimated at $14,090,357.

Physical construction on the 250,000-square-foot expansion/renovation will begin in 2020. Officials expect the entire project to last about five years. Plans include a proposal to relocate the courthouse entrance to the pedestrian plaza, which will replace Means Avenue. This will allow for better access from Church and Union streets.

The project will update the nearly 50-year-old building and help with a continued increase in court traffic.

County officials will continue providing updates through meetings and online communication channels. Visit www.cabarruscounty.us and follow Cabarrus County at facebook.com/cabarruscounty and on Twitter @CabarrusCounty. Look for #CabarrusCourthouse.

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