Thursday September 26, 2019

Cabarrus unveils comprehensive tax foreclosure resource

A streamlined, easy-to-use listing of Cabarrus County tax foreclosures is one of the latest updates to the County’s digital public information offerings.

The Cabarrus County Government Information Technology (IT) innovation team worked with the tax department to create the app, which collects information on tax foreclosure properties and creates multiple search options.

Properties with delinquent real estate taxes are subject to tax foreclosure, which usually occurs after other collection efforts to recoup the delinquent taxes owed.

In looking to update the County’s web-based public resources, the innovation team noticed the existing foreclosure listings on the website weren’t mobile-friendly, said Mark McIntyre, senior analyst with Cabarrus County Information Technology Department.

For the three-month-long update, the team pushed for ease of use when the tax department entered properties, McIntyre added. Now, the process is much more straightforward.

“Entering a parcel is much quicker,” said Bonnie Nance, tax collection assistant. “All I have to enter is the real ID, value and minimum bid. The rest is auto-filled or point-and-click. Also, I’m able to see all of the information before I select the option to submit.’

GIS integration was also a key component of the upgrade, McIntyre said.

The application includes information such as the status of the property, as well as court case number, the tax value, minimum required bid, sale date and more.

“Our ultimate goal is getting the right public data into the hands of the residents in a user-friendly way,” McIntyre said.

Many similar projects are in the works, according to Cabarrus County Area Manager of Innovation and Technology Debbie Brannan.

“Our IT department embraces the KAIZEN approach, which touts that small ongoing positive changes can reap big benefits,” Brannan said. “Automatically aggregating foreclosure data reduced staff time required to research and respond to investor inquiries.

“The team did an excellent job of improving the user experience.”

Visit to check out the new resource. For specific questions about a property, contact the Cabarrus County Tax Collections Department at 704-920-2118. by the numbers, from June 19 through August 31:

- 3,705: Total visits since the app’s launch

- 1,836: Total visits from mobile devices

- 1,583: Total visits from desktop devices

- 286: Total visits from tablet devices

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