Friday February 28, 2020

Behind the Scenes: Pets on Patrol

To some, a good dog protects family and property. That can be a problem for property appraisers who have work to do.

But not for Real Property Supervisor Michelle Seaford.

She’s been nicknamed “the dog whisperer” in the Cabarrus County Tax Administration office, thanks to her special talent with animals.

Her job includes examining properties and gathering research to determine accurate property tax values.

“Having an aggressive animal present is a difficult thing we face as property appraisers and can be a safety concern,” Seaford said. “They’re just protecting their families. Sometimes it’s a challenge to see if they’ll let me do my job, too.”

Seaford recently celebrated her 30-year anniversary with Cabarrus. Over the years, she can recall numerous times when colleagues have requested her assistance with animals on a property visit.

“I never rush them, I always talk friendly and make sure I have treats in hand,” Seaford said. “Sometimes I’ll also bring a ball. The dog and I will go play and have a good time, allowing my colleagues to get their work done.”

Cabarrus County is currently going through a revaluation, a process that occurs every four years.

You can learn more about the 2020 revaluation in this short video of Michelle Seaford and other revaluation experts from the Cabarrus County Tax Administration office walking you through the process of how they arrive at a property value.

Check it out here:

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