Tuesday March 23, 2021

CabCo supervisors "never stop learning”

Janeen Reid believes “the sandwich" is the best way to give feedback to employees.

What’s “the sandwich?” It’s a feedback technique that wraps criticism in praise. Positive comment in the beginning. Problem area in the middle. Positive comment at the end.

It’s that simple.

The “sandwich method” was one of the big takeaways from Janeen’s recent participation in the County’s 17-week Supervisor Boot Camp Training Program. Reid, the Department of Human Services’ staff development coordinator, was one of 22 CabCo supervisors to complete the program.

Supervisors’ Boot Camp is available twice a year and is a “wonderful opportunity to network and become more effective leaders overall,” said HR Analyst Shea Plott, who manages and hosts the program.

The boot camp is a major benefit to the County because “supervisors walk away with essential tools, skills and resources that they can apply to their supervisory responsibilities,” Shea said. “Supervisors learn about themselves as leaders, which helps them become effective communicators, learn how to build strong teams and resolve conflicts in healthy ways.”

Janeen became the staff development coordinator in August 2020, and also serves as the child welfare trainer and community social services technician supervisor. She started with Cabarrus in 2017 and has worn multiple hats throughout her 13-year career in local government.

For her, the program provided a fresh perspective of the challenges and rewards of leadership.

“The presentations and guest speakers gave me a lot of great information,” she said. “One thing for sure about life is that you never stop learning, and I’m appreciative of this experience.”

She’s already put many of the lessons into everyday practice, she says, including “the sandwich.”

“I would tell any employee taking this program to hold on to the takeaways because they’re definitely useful in the long run.”

Congratulations to our 22 boot camp graduates!

  • Jonathan Weaver, Communications & Outreach
  • Allen Greene, Construction Standards
  • David McEachern, Construction Standards
  • Lisa Bunch, DHS
  • Ebony Davis, DHS
  • Elizabeth Heston, DHS
  • Joshua Hoke, DHS
  • Kenneth Jones, DHS
  • Erin Mallonee, DHS
  • Autriece Marin, DHS
  • Janeen Reid, DHS
  • T'halese Steen, DHS 
  • Jenni Fox, Finance
  • Jeremy Eury, Fire
  • Joyce Cook, HR
  • Matthew Howell, IAM
  • William Loukos, IAM
  • Jeff Mackey, IAM
  • Jena Razor, Library
  • Debra Schmitzer, Library 
  • Jonathan Bradley, Safety & Risk Management
  • Jeffrey Freeze, Transportation

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