Friday September 10, 2021

Construction update: Courthouse Parking Deck

Beginning September 2021, construction of a seven-story mixed-use building will begin in the area adjacent to the Cabarrus County Courthouse Parking Deck (shaded in green below). Construction is expected to last 18 months.

The project is part of a $70 million residential and mixed-use investment by Lansing-Melbourne Group that includes Novi Flats, Novi Lofts and Novi Rise.

While the County does not own or manage this construction project, we're taking steps to keep those who utilize the parking deck safe during construction.

Here's what visitors need to know:

Vehicle and pedestrian access

  • Construction will have minimal impact on vehicles accessing the deck on Corban Ave. and Spring St. When traffic is impacted, drivers should follow marked signage.
  • Pedestrians can enter/exit the deck through the marked access point (red arrow).

Safety precautions

  • Crews will close a portion of spaces within the deck (along Barbrick Ave.) to keep vehicles safe from construction debris. As construction progresses, the number and location of closed spaces will change. The County will need to close the top level of the deck during the last phase of construction (estimated as late 2022 and early 2023).
  • Do not move the barriers or park in closed parking spaces.

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