Friday December 03, 2021

Mt. Pleasant: Share your vision

Cabarrus County is in the preliminary stages of replacing its library and senior center facilities in Mt. Pleasant with a larger multipurpose facility along Washington Street. While the general purpose for the site is set, officials are asking residents to share how they’d use the facility.

Community members are invited to a drop-in meeting on December 13, from 4-7 p.m. at the Mt. Pleasant Senior Center (8615 Park Dr.).

Representatives from the County and CPL Architects want to know answers to questions, such as:

  • How would your family use the space
  • What programs would improve your quality of life
  • What would make you want to visit

The information will be used to inform layout and function.

Like many County facilities, the library and senior center locations in Mt. Pleasant have seen an uptick in user volume and service demands. Co-locating will help relieve some of the space challenges.

County Manager Mike Downs is encouraged by the possibilities of the multipurpose facility.

“Community is important to Mt. Pleasant residents,” Downs said. “A multipurpose building has the potential to keep us connected through cross-generational activities, events and programs.”

Downs believes co-located facilities work well when the two agencies serve similar audiences and purposes.

“A shared space will allow our Library and Active Living and Parks departments to create even better experiences for residents,” Downs said. “But that’s only half of the equation. To make it work, we need to know how residents see themselves using the space. We want all users to have input so we can find the right balance of need and function.”

Designers will use the input to help determine the size, location and function of rooms within the structure. It will shape the personality of the building and also give the County direction for programming, equipment and staffing.

The County has had success with other co-locations. Public safety facilities that co-locate fire and EMS operations reduce space redundancy and create connections between staff.

Commissioners recently learned of a potential location that met the library/senior center size requirements and had access to utilities. The County modified its five-year plan and moved forward with the project.

Officials estimate construction will begin in 2022 and continue through 2024.

County officials will continue providing updates through meetings and online communication channels. Visit the website at and follow Cabarrus County at and on Twitter @CabarrusCounty.

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