Tuesday March 17, 2020

March 17 partner update: Impact of COVID-19 on courthouse activity

As the North Carolina Constitution mandates, our local courts shall remain open during the COVID-19 event. The necessity to protect public health requires our court system take reasonable precautions to combat the spread of the virus.

Cabarrus County judicial officials and courthouse employees are dedicated to fulfilling both of these critical responsibilities.

Here are a few decisions that will affect court processes in Cabarrus County:

  • As the Chief Justice of North Carolina has ordered, the courts have rescheduled all cases to take place no sooner than April 17. There are exceptions, such as first appearances, bond hearings, and domestic violence matters.
  • Cases that were scheduled before March 13 and appear on the docket between March 16 and April 17 will be automatically rescheduled. No arrests will be ordered for failure to appear for these cases.
  • The courts will continue to work with Sheriff Van Shaw, District Attorney Roxann Vaneekhoven, Clerk Bill Baggs, and counsel to address critical cases and those of incarcerated persons.
  • With the exception of domestic violence matters and cases requiring emergency relief, the courts will reschedule all civil cases to take place no sooner than April 17.
  • The courthouse remains open to victims of domestic violence and others who seek emergency relief. The Court will also work with counsel to determine which non-critical civil cases they can address remotely.

While the courthouse remains open, we ask that only those who must appear in person do so. Those who wish to address their traffic matters remotely can still use online services at the court’s website, https://www.nccourts.gov/services.

The courts encourage anyone with a traffic or criminal case to check for their new court date online and sign up for electronic court reminders (texts or emails), also available at https://www.nccourts.gov/services. Victims tracking cases may also find these services helpful.

For more information, contact the Clerk’s office at 704-262-5500.

The details of our local court’s temporary reorganization are available at the Court’s website. We will continue to look for ways to properly administer justice as developments occur. We appreciate your patience.

This the 17th day of March 2020.

Judge Martin B. (Marty) McGee Judge Christy E. Wilhelm

Senior Resident Superior Court Judge (19A) Chief District Court Judge (19A)

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