Friday June 05, 2020

We stand with you

Joint statement from Cabarrus County Government and the Municipalities of Concord, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, Midland and Mount Pleasant

Residents of Cabarrus County:

We hear you. We are here for you.

We hear your voices as mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends and colleagues. We feel your grief and uncertainty. We understand your calls for progress and equality. We join your prayers for justice and understanding.

We are horrified at the events surrounding the unlawful deaths of black citizens at the hands of law enforcement. As your elected officials, we acknowledge the racial injustices that affect our nation, and their existence and impact locally.

Rightfully so, people across our country and here in Cabarrus County are lifting their voices at every level to demand accountability, progress and fairness. We hear you.

Now more than ever, we recognize the need for personal reflection and understanding. The need for a way forward. Collectively, we have work to do.

Government addresses equality in many ways, but within these structures there is room for improvement.

We resolve to address local issues of equality. We strive to unite our community around shared values. We will lead conversations and develop long-term solutions that create change. We will build a local governmental system that adapts to the evolving needs of our diverse community in real time and with clear purpose, while representing all residents.

Continue to inform us of your concerns and share your passions. We are listening and want to connect with anyone seeking to further the conversation. Together, we will decide what actions can achieve meaningful progress for Cabarrus County.

This is a proclamation that we, Cabarrus County and the municipalities of Concord, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, Midland and Mount Pleasant, are adopting in support of change.

Cabarrus County is our home. This is our community.

Stand with us. We stand with you.

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