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The Cabarrus County Mindfulness Project

Thousands of visitors come to Cabarrus County's parks each month for their placid lakes, wooded trails, diverse vegetation and expansive wildlife habitats. Experiencing nature, or simply viewing nature scenes, can improve mood, cause relaxation and provide an overall sense of well-being.

It’s not always possible to sneak away and enjoy the parks, so The Cabarrus Mindfulness Project launched a guided mediation video series that features serene views of our local parks.

Join the mindfulness journey!

How it works

Click on the video links below and follow the mindfulness narrator.

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  1. Lightening the load (3:41 - filmed at Frank Liske Park)
    Lighten your load by prioritizing deep breathing and living in the present.
  2. Inviting Loving Kindness (2:51 - filmed at Camp T.N. Spencer Park)
    Invite loving kindness into your life through positive affirmations of happiness, safety and peace for yourself, those you love and those with whom you share the planet.
  3. Observing Mindfully (1:56 - filmed at Rob Wallace Park)
    Bring awareness to your present environment.
  4. Stretching Mindfully (4:25 - filmed at Vietnam Veterans Park)
    Build body awareness through a stretch routine and low-impact movement.

What is mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of clearing one’s mind and drawing attention to the present. The experience encourages individuals to pay closer attention to their bodies, emotions, thoughts and environment. Scientific evidence shows that mindfulness is an effective stress management tool that everyone can enjoy. There are various types of mindfulness experiences that can be tailored to personal goals and desired outcomes.

The benefits of mindfulness include:

  • Reduced stress, lowered anxiety and lessened pain
  • Enhanced awareness, creativity, and performance
  • Improved sleep and intrapersonal/interpersonal relationships

About The Cabarrus Mindfulness Project

The Cabarrus Mindfulness Project is a Cabarrus Health Alliance (CHA) and Cabarrus County Government collaboration that promotes the importance of mental health through increased awareness of mindfulness and the benefits of local park spaces.

The project launched in May 2021 with a series of mindfulness videos filmed at local parks.

Future objectives include creation of Spanish videos and adding mindfulness installations at park facilities.

Learn more about Cabarrus County’s Mental Health Initiative

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