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Survey: Satisfaction Remains High Among Cabarrus Residents

Cabarrus County remains a place where folks want to live, work and build a family, and residents are largely content with County programs and services, according to the 2018 Community Survey Findings Report presented during the recent Board of Commissioners agenda work session.

The survey is administered every other year by ETC Institute, and measures such items as satisfaction with County services, perception, customer service and funding. The results are generated from a variety of department-specific questions about such services as the County’s library system, elections, communications, public transportation, public safety, active living and parks and more.

“Cabarrus County rated above the national average in 19 of 20 comparison areas,” said Jason Morado, senior project manager for ETC Institute. “What especially stands out is that it rated 20 percent above the national average in the overall quality of County services.”

Morado joined Cabarrus County Communications and Outreach Manager Kasia Thompson during the survey presentation at the commissioners’ agenda meeting on July 2.

The survey is an important part of the County’s overall mission, according to County Manager Mike Downs. “It carries a lot of weight with the board in defining their goals for the future,” he said.

According to the survey, 88 percent of respondents were either very satisfied or satisfied with Cabarrus County as a place to raise children, while 87 percent said the same for the county as a place to live.

ETC Institute also examined the importance residents placed on various aspects of living in Cabarrus County and the level of satisfaction with each area.

The analysis identified the top priorities of residents as growth management, crime prevention, protection of water quality and the environment and educational facilities.

ETC Institute distributed the survey to a random sample of 1,200 households in the spring and received 436 responses. The overall survey results have a margin of error of at least +/-4.7 percent, with a 95 percent level of confidence, Morado said.

Jason Morado of ETC Institute and Kasia Thompson, Cabarrus County Communications and Outreach Manager
Jason Morado of ETC Institute and Kasia Thompson, Cabarrus County Communications and Outreach Manager

Other Survey Highlights Include:

General perceptions: The County rated significantly above the national average in these customer service areas:

· The way a customer was treated by County employees

· Accuracy of information and assistance given by County employees

· How easy the County was to contact

· How quickly County staff responded to residents

· How well an issue was handled by County employees

County issues: Among 16 County issues rated, the most important to residents are crime prevention (45.4 percent), growth management (45 percent), Cabarrus County Schools’ education facilities (36.5 percent) and protecting water quality and the environment (26.1 percent).

County programs and services: Among County services rated by residents, parks (36 percent), emergency preparedness (29 percent), public libraries (29 percent) and veterans services (28 percent) rated high for services residents are most willing to pay more for to avoid reductions in service or a decrease in quality.

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