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Cabarrus Commissioners To Get First Look At Courthouse Expansion Plans

At the February meeting, Cabarrus County Commissioners will see concepts for the planned 250,000-square-foot Cabarrus County Courthouse expansion in downtown Concord.

The County’s Infrastructure and Asset Management team will present massing renderings, which provide an idea of the general footprint, size, shape and form of the expanded courthouse.

At future stages, “residents will have an opportunity to provide feedback on exterior aesthetic of the expansion project,” said Kyle Bilafer, area manager for Cabarrus County. “Right now, these massing renderings provide residents and stakeholders a three-dimensional look at the new courthouse – it basically shows where the expansion is locating.”

Plans are for full project design to launch in April 2019. Construction is expected to begin in 2020 and last between 24 and 26 months. The existing courthouse facing Union Street will continue operation during construction.

The courthouse expansion process begins just as crews are putting the final touches on the five-story parking deck on the corner of Corban Avenue SW and Spring Street SW. The courthouse expansion will alleviate increased demand for courthouse activities and update the antiquated 45-year-old building. According to the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), court activity has increased 131 percent over the last three decades. AOC reports court filings for 1986/1987 totaled 27,506. In 2016/2017, that number rose to 63,567.

The project includes a proposal to relocate the courthouse entrance to Means Avenue, creating easy access from Church and Union streets. The change will create a public space between the Cabarrus County Historic Courthouse (65 Union St. S) and the historic bank building (51 Union St. S), along with a pedestrian thoroughfare along Means Avenue between Church and Union Streets. This proposal will need to go before the Concord City Council to consider the proposed changes to Means Avenue. They will conduct a public hearing to receive input.

A portion of the addition aligns with the height of the existing courthouse building, and the elevation will reach four stories further north down Church Street. A secure parking area will be incorporated in a basement on the campus.

As the courthouse expansion progresses, County officials provide updates through stakeholder and public meetings and online communication channels.

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