Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention

The Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) provides assistance to low-income households that are in a heating or cooling-related crisis. Households are considered to be in crisis if it is currently or in danger of experiencing a life threatening or health related emergency due to no heating or cooling service.

Households That Apply Must:

  • Be a Cabarrus County resident
  • Contain a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen
  • Have a heating- or cooling-related emergency (heating/cooling source that is in past due status)
  • Have income below 150 percent of the poverty level

Households Applying For Assistance Must Provide:

  • Social Security cards and dates of birth for all household members
  • Documentation of citizenship
  • Check stubs, wage statements, ESC benefits, child support, bank or retirement fund statements reflecting income for the month prior to and month of application) for applicant and all household members
  • Utility termination notices
  • Additional documents as deemed necessary by social worker

Assistance May Be Authorized For:

  • Utility payments (deposits, bills, connection and reconnection fees)
  • Payments toward kerosene, fuel oil, propane, wood (if used as primary heating source)
  • Heating or cooling appliance replacement or repair

Assistance Will Not Be Authorized For:

  • Returned check charges
  • Tampering fees

For questions regarding Crisis Services, call 704-920-1400.

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