E911 Addressing FAQs

Addressing FAQs

How should my address be posted?

Addresses should be posted clearly in three inch or larger numbers near the front door and on the mailbox. The numbers should be clearly visible from the road and should contrast for increased visibility. If you do not have a mailbox, the address should be placed on a stake or post near the driveway entrance should be clearly visible from the road. Full Addressing Standards

Does Cabarrus County provide address signs to citizens?

No. Property owners are responsible for installing compliant signage for residential and commercial structures. However, if you would like an address placard for your house or to post at the driveway, most of the local volunteer fire departments sell the standardized blue address placards you see around the County.

Volunteer Fire Departments that make the blue address signs are:

  • Allen 
  • Flowes Store
  • Georgeville
  • Midland
  • Odell
  • Rimer
  • Northeast

Inquire about Identification Signs for your Property

‍Why isn’t my new address or a new street showing up on Google Maps?

Cabarrus County Addressing Staff enters revisions and updates to the addressing data base daily. The addressing data is updated in the GIS mapping system daily too. This data is the data that feeds directly to the system Dispatch uses to send first responders to calls.

Cabarrus County does not maintain or have control over the information depicted through Google Maps. New GIS data may not be incorporated by Google into the Google Maps mapping system for several weeks and in some cases, months. If you are experiencing difficulty with your new address not showing up in Google Maps, visit the feedback link at the bottom of any Google Maps page and submit changes/corrections to Google. This is the same tool that Staff uses to notify Google of discrepancies.

I have a new or newly changed address, why will online portals, such as my bank, my credit card company or the DMV not validate my new address?

It takes longer for online portals to update than it does for internal systems to update. It is best to call the company directly or visit in person to change your contact information.

Should I verify the address of my vacant property before building a structure on it?

Yes. Always verify that the address of vacant property will be the same address used for new construction. This helps prevent addressing errors and reduces the likelihood of changes or corrections to the assigned address in the future.

The zip code I was assigned does not match the city in which I live and pay taxes, why?

Zip codes are assigned based on the local post office that provides delivery services to certain areas of the county. You may live in the city or town limits, but your mailing address may not match that particular city or town. This typically happens in areas where there are multiple city limits in close proximity to each other or when neighborhoods are located near the county line.

Your mailing address and zip code, however, do not change the jurisdiction that you reside in or the entity that you pay taxes to each year.

For example, if you live in south Harrisburg, off Plaza Road Extension, which is physically located in Cabarrus County and in the Harrisburg Town Limits, you will most likely be assigned a Charlotte mailing address and zip code because a Charlotte post office is responsible for the mail routing in this area.

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