E911 Addressing Guidelines

E911 Addressing Guidelines

When a life is on the line, every second counts. Clearly posting your home or business address is a requirement - and it's a must to help Cabarrus County Emergency Medical Services, local volunteer fire departments and law enforcement better serve you in emergency situations.

Help emergency responders by doing the following:

  • Post identification numbers on your home or business that are legible and clearly visible from the street or road.
  • Post identification numbers that are at least three inches tall for residential properties and six inches tall for commercial properties.
  • Place the identification numbers on, above, or to the side of the main entrance.
  • Use contrasting colors that stand out from the background.
  • Maintain the condition of the numbers on the structure so that they are legible and clearly visible from the street or road.
  • If the posted address cannot be easily viewed from the public road or is located more than 50 feet from the road, a second set of numbers should be displayed on the mailbox or on a post at the entrance to the driveway. Reflective materials should be used for this type of sign.
  • If there is more than one way to approach, be sure to mark both sides of the mailbox or post since first responders may be coming from different directions
  • The safety of residents and visitors to Cabarrus County is a priority. You never know when you may need to call 911 for an emergency. Making sure your home or business address is clearly posted helps first responders locate you quickly.
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