Cabarrus County residents can turn to the Cabarrus Health Alliance (CHA) for ongoing information related to coronavirus and other public health concerns. CHA will provide updates through its website,

You can contact the CHA Health Information Line at 704-920-1213 or email Follow the CHA on Facebook and Twitter, @CabarrusHealth.

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Health, wellness and prevention

  • What should I do if I feel sick?
    Employees showing symptoms of COVID-19 (or any other communicable disease) are encouraged to stay home and self-quarantine. DO NOT visit the Cabarrus County Employee Health Clinic if you believe you’ve been exposed to COVID-19. Please CALL your healthcare provider for medical advice. Employee Health Clinic: 704-403-0550

    Medical providers encourage the use of virtual primary care visits when possible. Here are links to virtual and telehealth options from Atrium Health and Cigna (employees should confirm MyCigna sign on information before it’s necessary). Virtual and telehealth options may come with additional fees.

  • Can the Employee Health Clinic test for COVID-19?
    At this time, COVID-19 testing is not available at the Employee Health Clinic.

  • What preventative actions should I take at this time?
    Follow these steps recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

  • Can I request cleaning supplies for my office?
    Following federal recommendations, the County will continue its regular cleaning procedures. In general, employees who are not responsible for facility care will not receive cleaning supplies. The exception includes employees who will receive specialized training and supplies for job-specifics tasks. Follow sensible precautions when using door handles, holding railings and pushing elevator buttons.


  • What if my position requires face-to-face interactions?
    If your role requires face-to-face interactions with the public, consider options to minimize exposure. Follow department directives, which may include setting appointments, calling individuals who’ve scheduled appointments to see if they’re experiencing symptoms, keeping a six-foot distance between you and the individual, and using phone and virtual options when possible.

    When appropriate, ask if the individual is exhibiting symptoms (fever greater than 100.4, cough or shortness of breath). If the answer is yes, direct them to call their primary care provider. Department heads will advise employees on next steps in serving those individuals.

    If you are interviewing potential employees, consider phone and virtual first-round interviews.

  • Can I telework during COVID-19?
    Department heads will determine and notify employees if they qualify to work from remote locations. Employees can be recalled from remote work at any time.

    Note: you must be able to demonstrate the ability to work remotely, including access to internet and technology, if needed. You may not use a personal computer for County business. Leave support technology items (mice, monitors, etc.) at your in-office workstation. IT is working with department heads to evaluate and address technology needs. Contact your supervisor if you have specific questions about remote work.

  • What do I do if I require dependent care?
    Communicate dependent care issues you may face with your supervisor. Management will search for solutions that meet your personal needs while allowing you to contribute to service delivery.

  • If my facility is temporarily closed, am I out of work?
    If a County facility closes, management will provide employees with detailed information on relevant considerations.

    Teamwork is important in times like this. Given the nature of our work to provide essential services, employees may receive temporary reassignments that support other County departments. As we face difficult decisions, we appreciate your understanding and flexibility in making the best use of our collaborative model.


  • What if my role requires business travel and meetings?
    Effective immediately and until further notice, the County has suspended all non-essential business travel. Employees must receive approval from their department head and the county manager/deputy county manager prior to essential business travel. Employees should cancel upcoming non-essential travel arrangements, unless the travel takes place June 1 or later. As we near the June 1 date, the County will provide follow-up communication.

    Essential business travel is limited to instances where:

         * It is not possible to conduct business without face-to-face interaction or visiting a specific location

         * The destination is not experiencing sustained community transmission of COVID-19

  • I have future personal travel planned. Should I cancel?
    Consider federal travel advisories before planning your next vacation. To mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19, employees will need to share details of planned personal travel with their manager at the time of the request. Managers will carefully review requests to assure they align with current travel and self-quarantine recommendations.

    Per Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, employees should not physically return to work for at least 14 days following return to the country if they have:

         * Traveled to a country for which the CDC has issued a Level 1 (or higher) Travel Health Notice

         * Come into contact with someone who has traveled to a Level 1 (or higher) destination

         * Traveled on a cruise ship

    View the current list of CDC Level 1 (or higher) locations.
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