Financial Assistance For Conservation Opportunities

Cabarrus Soil and Water Conservation District provides agriculture program assistance to farms through an annual allocation of funds from the state of NC for several cost share programs that benefit rural landowners: the Agriculture Cost Share Program (ACSP), Agriculture Water Resource Assistance Program (AgWRAP), and the Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP). Funds are for program year 2017 that began on July 1, 2016.


ACSP for non-point source pollution control funds are available to landowners and operators to install conservation practices such as livestock exclusion from waterways, animal waste management systems, livestock watering systems and cropland conversion to grass or trees. The district received $59,067 in agricultural cost share funds for this program year. The district also received $12,319 in Impaired and Impacted Stream funds that can be used on selected watersheds. Call 704-920-3301 for more information.


The district also received $9,677 in AgWRAP projects that increase water storage capacity on farms. The state-level Division of Soil and Water Conservation also has a regional application with batching periods in September and January for larger agriculture water quantity projects. Call 704-920-3301 for more information.


The district received $5,617 to address projects related to stormwater runoff control and well closures. Call 704-920-3303 for more information.

The district also received $40,000 for water quality projects in select watersheds to be spent over a five year period.

Reimbursement for most conservation practices through these cost share programs is 75 percent of predetermined average costs. Due to limited funds, interested persons should contact the Conservation District as soon as possible so their applications can be ranked for possible funding.

Federal funds are also available for agricultural producers to plan and implement conservation practices that improve soil, water, plant, animal, air and related natural resources through a cost-share program called Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). Call 704-788-2107 for more information.

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