Floodplain Administration

Floodplain Administration

Cabarrus County periodically experiences localized flooding in areas bordered by rivers and creeks. Residents and property owners are encouraged to become familiar with those areas most prone to flooding and to take steps now to prepare for a flood emergency to help protect lives and property.

Flooding events often cause some roads and bridges in Cabarrus County to become impassable. Flooding also can occasionally lead to the evacuation of some structures, such as homes, businesses, barns, and other buildings.

Cabarrus County participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Because of participation in the Community Rating System (CRS), property owners in Cabarrus County are eligible to purchase discounted flood insurance from NFIP. Participation in NFIP also makes available federal financial assistance to property owners for the permanent repair or reconstruction of insurable buildings damaged as a result of flooding.

Learn more about Cabarrus County's NFIP status in the Community Status Book.

Available Resources

Mapping and identification resources are available through the NC Flood Mapping Information System.

Flood Damage Prevention Tips and Resources

Cabarrus County has information available locally regarding Flood Insurance Rate Maps, rules for building in the floodplain and protecting property from flood damage.

Local Resources

    • Adopted FEMA FIRMs are available at the Cabarrus County Governmental Center (65 Church St. S., Concord) in the Planning and Development Department during normal business hours.
    • Publications related to flooding, construction and living near rivers, streams and floodplains are available at the Cabarrus County Governmental Center. The Cabarrus County Library Concord Branch also has materials available for check out.
    • FEMA elevation certificates for buildings constructed in the floodplain (in unincorporated Cabarrus County) are available in the Planning and Development Department for review during normal business hours.
    • NC Building Code, which regulates local construction, incorporates flood-resistant standards for residential and commercial development.
    • Cabarrus County Planning staff  and Cabarrus County Zoning staff can assist you with property inquiries.
    • Cabarrus County Construction Standards staff can help you with questions about the building code and technical construction standards.

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