Homestead Exclusion For Elderly And Disabled

Application Period: January 1 - June 1

Summary: Qualifying owners benefit by having the greater of $25,000 or 50% of the value of their permanent residence excluded from taxation. To qualify, the property owner must meet the following requirements on January 1 of the year he/she applies:

  • Is at least 65 years of age or 100% totally and permanently disabled.
  • Has an income for the prior year of not more than the statutory limit.
  • Is a Cabarrus County resident.
  • Home that application is made for must be applicant's permanent residence.

Income is defined as all other moneys received from every source, other than gifts or inheritances received from a spouse, lineal ancestor or descendant. For married applicants residing with their spouses, the income of both spouses must be included, whether or not the property is in both names.

Elderly Man Talking to an Elderly Woman on a Swing
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