Legislative Goals

Cabarrus County Supports The North Carolina Association Of County Commissioners Legislative Goals

Priority Goals

  1. PE-1: Seek additional revenue sources, including a statewide bond referendum and expanded lottery proceeds, and changes to the Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund, to equitably address statewide public school and community college capital challenges. Revisions to the Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund that will allow more equitable access to counties to take advantage of the funds.
  2. PE-2: Support legislation providing for funding to help counties implement school security measures.
  3. TF-1: Support efforts to preserve and expand the existing local revenue base of counties and authorize local option revenue sources already given to any other jurisdiction to all counties.
  4. GG-1: Seek legislation, funding, and other efforts to expand digital infrastructure/broadband capability to the unserved and under-served areas and residents of the state.
  5. JPS-1: Support efforts to provide greater flexibility to local governments in expenditure of 911 surcharge funds and ensure adequate funding for next-gen technology.

All 2021-2022 Goals

There are seven long-range planning areas in Cabarrus County. Staff periodically reviews the planning documents for these areas to determine if development or trends in the Area necessitate updates. If updates are needed, staff coordinates intergovernmental review of the documents and gathers information through public input sessions.

Area Plans

Concord Area

Harrisburg Area

Midland Area

Kannapolis Area

Central Area

Northwest Area

Eastern Area

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