Matching Incentive Grants

Matching Incentive Grants

The Matching Incentive Grant Program's purpose is to encourage non-profit groups in the community to improve existing or develop new park and recreation facilities, acquire land for new facilities, or provide more adequate facilities in their local communities. Examples of groups eligible to apply for the matching funds include: P.T.O’s, Civic Clubs, Boosters Clubs and Athletic or Recreation Associations.

Grant Applications have a priority rating system based on the type of project applied for. All improvements must be located on publicly owned property owned by Cabarrus County, the boards of education, a municipality within the County, or property leased to the County for a minimum of 15 years. Projects on school property must be consistent with the respective school system’s long range plans. Projects on park property must be consistent with the Parks Department’s long range plans. The property the project is located on must remain unlocked and open to the public.

The Grant provides up to 50 percent of the actual project cost based on the amount approved by the Commission. Grant applications are available online or at the Active Living and Parks Department, located at the Concord Senior Center, 331 Corban Avenue SE, Concord or by calling 704-920-3360

Grant applications will be accepted the first Monday in May through the second Friday in June by 5 p.m. at the Active Living and Parks Department Office. Grants will be reviewed by the Active Living and Parks Commission at the June meeting scheduled on the third Thursday. The Active Living and Park Commission will prioritize the grant requests and present recommendations to the Board of Commissioners. For more information, call our office at 704-920-3360

Available funds will be determined by the annual budget adopted by the Board of Commissioners.

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