The Planning and Development Department Planning Division is responsible for both current and long range planning activities. These activities include:

Subdivision Administration

Subdivision Administration includes reviewing proposed divisions of property and the plat (drawing) that is required by the Subdivision Ordinance and filed in the office of the Register of Deeds. If you are thinking about dividing your property to sell or to give to a family member, contact Planning Staff to make sure that the division meets the standards of the Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances.

Processing Rezoning Requests

Property owners may file a petition to propose changing the current zoning of a parcel to accommodate an existing use, a new use or new development. Planning Staff facilitates the review of these requests and presents them to the Planning and Zoning Commission for consideration. If you are thinking about changing the use of your property, contact Planning Staff to set up a pre-application meeting to explore your options.

Processing Conditional Use Permits

Some uses in the Zoning Ordinance require an additional permit be filed, reviewed and acted upon by the Planning and Zoning Commission acting as the Board of Adjustment. Planning Staff facilitate the review of these requests and presents them to the Planning and Zoning commission for consideration. This process applies to all uses listed in the zoning ordinance as a ā€œCā€ in the permitted use table.

Long Range Planning And Small Area Plan Updates

Cabarrus County has 7 long range planning areas. These areas are the Concord Area, Harrisburg Area, Midland Area, Kannapolis Area, Central Area, Northwest Area and Eastern Area. The planning documents for these areas are reviewed periodically to determine if updates are needed based on development or trends in the Area. Planning Staff coordinates intergovernmental review of these documents, as well as public input sessions to gather information for plan updates as needed.

Zoning, Subdivision And Floodplain Development Ordinance Maintenance, Including Amendments

Planning Staff is responsible for maintaining the Zoning, Subdivision and Floodplain Ordinances and processing amendments as needed.


If you have questions about any of the functions of the Planning Division, please call 704-920-2141.


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