Police Officers Physical Agility Test (POPAT)

Police Officers Physical Agility Test (POPAT)

Agility test administered by training officer and must be successfully completed in time specified.

Applicant must wear appropriate clothes and shoes for running the course. (No showers are available after the test)

Cadets must pass two POPAT courses: (1) Chase and Apprehension, and (2) Rescue.

Chase and Apprehension (must be completed in 6 minutes or less):

Start position in a chair.

  1.  Run from chair to cone (40 feet) and back 2 times
  2.  Run chair to cone (60 feet) while completing the following obstacles:
        a.  4 foot broad jump
        b.  4 foot fence climb
        c.  Crawl under 2 foot high obstacle
  3.  Run from cone 2 to a mat (40 feet)
  4.  Perform "roll drill", 3 repetitions:
        a.  Start on top of 100 pound heavy bag with left knee on mat
        b.  Roll to right until bag is over body
        c.  Continue roll in same direction until back on top of heavy bag and right knee touches mat
        d.  Perform complete roll back to the left until left knee touches mat (that completes one repetition)
  5.  Move to push up mat and perform 20 pushups
  6.  Return to "roll drill" mat and complete 3 more repetitions
  7.  Run to cone 2 while completing the following obstacles
        a.  4 foot broad jump
        b.  4 foot fence climb
        c.  Crawl under 2 foot high obstacle
  8.  Run from cone 2 to step box (40 feet)
  9.  Perform 30 step up and downs
  10.  Return to "roll drill" mat and complete 3 more repetitions
  11.  Move to push up mat and perform 20 more pushups
  12. Return to "roll drill" mat and complete 3 final repetitions

Upon completion, cadets will move to second course:

Rescue (must be completed in 3 minutes or less):

  1.  Run from cone 1 to cone 2 (50 feet apart) and back 2 times
  2.  Perform 30 step up and downs on a step box
  3.  Run from cone 1 to cone 2 (50 feet apart) and back 2 more times
  4.  Drag 175 pound dummy from cone 3 to cone 4 (25 feet) and back to the start line

That ends the POPAT.

Reading Comprehension Test

A training officer administers a standardized reading comprehension test.Applicant must pass with a 10th grade reading level or higher.

Upon completion of the reading comprehension test, the applicant will be informed if he/she passed or failed. If passed, proceed to next step.

Background Investigation

A background investigation is conducted on each applicant prior to hiring.Applicants ineligible due to background investigation are notified in writing.

Review Board Interview

Successful applicants are scheduled to appear before an interview board.Applicants ineligible due to review board are notified in writing.

Final Selection

Interview results, tests results, and background investigation are given to the Sheriff or executive designated by him for final employment consideration.Applicants accepted for employment will be given a conditional job offer and scheduled for a pre-employment interview with the Training Director. The interview will include setting an appointment for a pre-employment physical, psychological screening, and having fingerprints taken.All applicants for Deputy Sheriff must take the Oath of Office before starting employment, and prior to assuming any duties, and after each swearing-in of the High Sheriff every four years.

NOTE: The application process will generally take a minimum of 120 days.

Rejected Applicants

Applicants turned down for employment during any stage of the application process must wait a period of one year from the date of rejection notification before reapplying for the position they were seeking when rejected.

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