Special Vehicle Response Unit

Special Vehicle Response

The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office Special Vehicle Response SVR Team was established to help officers access incidents or scenes not near adequate roadways.

SVT is also employed during large-population events, including the yearly NASCAR races at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. By having vehicles that can maneuver on rough terrain, officers can patrol larger areas and answer calls for service, handle vehicle accidents and maintain the peace by preventing or stopping conflicts, domestic disputes and assaults.

The Special Vehicle Response Team also supplements the Cabarrus County Emergency Medical Service team known as S.T.O.R.M. (Special Tactical Operations Response Medics) (link to corresponding page).

Motorcycle Unit

​The Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office Motorcycle Unit was formed to meet the needs of many of the large events hosted in the county such as the NASCAR held at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

They unit helps with specialized traffic enforcement and control, dignitary escorts and motorcade security along with specialized event response and enforcement. It is also available to help event planners with route selection and planning county events.

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