Strategic Planning


Through visionary leadership and good stewardship, we will administer state requirements, ensure public safety, determine county needs and provide services to continually enhance quality of life.


Our vision for Cabarrus is a county where our children learn, our citizens participate, our dreams matter, our families and neighbors thrive and our community prospers.

Goal 1:

Preserve and enhance the quality of life through public policy that promotes cross-jurisdictional collaboration, encourages growth while balancing its impact, and looks ahead to preserve quality of life.

Goal 2:

Provide for public safety by communicating preparedness and safety awareness, responding to routine and catastrophic events, and maintaining and restoring the well-being of citizens.

Goal 3:

Use resources wisely by seeking to collaborate services, share costs, minimize risk, and protect county assets and investments.

Goal 4:

Support community connections through purposeful and strategic communication, enhanced education active community participation, and increased access to and utilization of services.

Departments work to achieve these goals through services and programming, which are gauged by performance measures that help identify how departmental outputs, efficiencies and services reflect these strategic priorities.

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