Voting Machines

Cabarrus County voters use paper ballots when they vote on Election Day at the polls and during Early Voting. After you sign-in at the Registration Station, a poll worker will give you a paper ballot. Mark your selections on the paper ballot with the pen provided to you. Mark a selection for every contest by filling in the oval completely beside your selection of the candidate name or issue.

You must fill in the oval completely and stay within the lines. Only select the number of choices allowed for each contest. To write in a candidate, fill in the oval beside "write in" and fill in the name of your choice.


AutoMark System For Marking A Ballot

AutoMark Video Demonstration

The AutoMark Voter Assist Terminal allows voters with disabilities and other special needs to mark a ballot privately. After you register, a poll worker will give you a paper ballot. Insert the ballot into the Automark machine. An instruction screen will appear. Review the simple instructions and then press the flashing "next" button to begin marking your ballot.

When finished, the Automark will return your marked ballot. If changes are required, see a poll worker for assistance.


DS200 Tabulator

The DS200 is a precinct-based scanner and vote tabulator equipped with the latest in ES&S’ patented technology. Fully certified and compliant with EAC guidelines, the DS200 enhances the voting experience for voters and election officials alike. Our patented IMR™ and PTRAC® technology ensures even the most poorly marked ballots are read accurately and consistently - protecting voter intent. All of this is designed to make everyone’s job easier.

DS200 Security Features

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