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About Youth Commission

​The Youth Commission provides teens in the community with an opportunity to be active citizens. Through experience and education, youth will be empowered in the community. The Youth Commission will expose teens to County government, allow them an opportunity to discuss issues, and interact with County commissioners and employees through youth-adult partnerships.


Since the first members of the Youth Commission were appointed in February 2011, the Youth Commission has been working on a Facebook page, the website, a public service announcement and members have been recruiting students to fill vacant positions.

Youth Council members put together treat bags for over 300 Meals on Wheels recipients in April and have spent time getting to know each other.

Issues Identified

Youth Commission members have identified four main issues facing young people in the County. The group will address these issues in the next several months.

1. Schools

2. Society

3. Home

4. Apathy

Why You Should Be Involved

  • Unique opportunity for young people who have an interest in local government
  • Allowed hands-on interaction with government
  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills
  • Community outreach
  • Identify and do something about issues facing youth in Cabarrus County
  • Interaction with youth from other schools and with local elected officials
  • Opportunity to express your opinions
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